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Our Initiatives

We aim to be part of an inclusive future that supports and uplifts people from every walk of life. It's why we carefully pick charities and donate in an effort to give back to various important causes.

Charitable contributions aren’t our only involvement for those in need, however. We look for many unique ways to support initiatives and organizations that are close to our hearts. Every year, we participate in and raise funds for The Mackenzie Run in support of heart and stroke care and prevention, as well as The Constantine Run in support of various charities aiming to educate about and prevent poverty and hunger.

"My upbringing was modest but fortunate. I was given many opportunities to learn many lessons, fail many times and achieve success as a result. I was inspired to take big leaps thanks to a childhood friend of mine who's family struggled with poverty. She managed to stay positive despite her difficult circumstances. To this day I wonder how she's doing, because she stopped coming to school and we didn't have phones back then...

In 2017 I started my first business in which we helped small businesses grow and contributed a portion of the revenue to give back to those in need. Our impact wasn't large but it was fulfilling to share with those that couldn't afford the opportunity to learn and earn for themselves.


4 years later I began working with a company that gave generously to various organizations including one called Raising The Roof, which aims to be a leader in homelessness prevention and to deliver programs that will prevent homelessness in various communities. I immediately aligned with their values of inclusion, integrity and collaboration.

After starting up in 2022, we decided once again that our mission in addition to helping people grow their businesses is to continue donating a small portion of the revenue to worthy charitable organizations.


We are extremely thankful for being able to do what we do and to help people like yourself achieve greater and greater success We also look forward to helping others find the footing they need to achieve success as well, and to carry on the torch of giving back to others."

Baron Belalov

Founder & Fractional CMO

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Let's do this.

Every big idea starts with a small step forward.

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